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Customer Services

We provide Consultancy Services and work closely with your organization to identify the optimum product portfolio which suits your respective market requirements.

Technical Training

Help you identify experienced technical representative who can propel your orthopeadic business within your respective market. To provide thorough technical training on the proper use of your product rage and build effective sales and marketing force.


Product Registration

In conjunction with your regulatory teams, assist in the registration of your product ranges with local authorities wherever required.

Compliance Training

Ensure that distributors comply to quality assurance and compliance programs.


After-Sales Services

Assit in the build up of service center and pool of back up systems to enhance your after sales service and image in the markets you decide to enter.


Offer Warehousing facility attached to a port and airport near the free zone, now a well- established distribution hub for re-exporting for the Region, we would work closely with your supply chain management to maximize just in time supplies of the right items and quantities when they are required.

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